12 New Year Resolutions for Female Health

We all want to start the new year healthy, happy, and hopeful. But what if your own body is playing against you? If you are not sure about your health? There are many factors that can negatively affect female health, such as exhaustion, stress, and lack of sleep, among many other things.

It goes without saying that once health issues occur, you must consult a doctor and address them immediately. But often women postpone routine examinations “until later, when there is more time”. A few tips below will help you keep a healthy balance every day between scheduled doctors’ appointments to keep you in top shape in the new year.

Promise to Take Care of Your Health: 12 Must-Do Items for Every Woman

  1. I promise to follow a healthy diet, avoid preservatives, high-fat and high-sugar foods to keep my body in a good shape.
  2. I promise to maintain a healthy weight.
  3. I promise to eat more vegetables and fruits.
  4. I promise to drink enough water.
  5. I promise to visit my OB/GYN at least once a year, no matter how busy my schedule gets.
  6. I promise to exercise regularly, even when I have no time to go to the gym (hint: at home workout tutorials on YouTube are amazing!).
  7. I promise to visit my dentist twice a year to keep my teeth strong and healthy.
  8. I promise to cut down/give up alcohol/smoking.
  9. I promise to spend more time outside, even if it’s just 15-minutes during lunch breaks.
  10. I promise to pay attention to my emotional state and control anxiety and stress in my life.
  11. I promise to sleep at least 7-8 hours every night.
  12. I promise to love myself and take care of my health.

12 New Year Resolutions for Female Health

Another item that every woman should put on the New Year’s health resolutions list is awareness. When it comes to female health, understanding all your treatment options is crucial. In case of uterine fibroids and adenomyosis, surgery is not the only solution. Today, there is a less invasive nonsurgical treatment called uterine fibroid embolization/uterine artery embolization that can help women keep their uterus and avoid many health risks associated with surgery.

Promise yourself to always ask for a second opinion and be your own health advocate!

To learn more about UFE and its benefits for female health call Atlanta Fibroid Center at 770-953-2600 or make an appointment with Dr. John Lipman online.

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