I Am Feeling Heaviness In My Uterus; Could It Be Fibroids?

Women can experience many challenges with their reproductive health. Due to the intricate nature of the organs involved, there are a number of conditions that cause symptoms that can impact their daily lives.

Many times, when a woman begins to experience issues that involve her reproductive organs, such as chronic heavy bleeding or pelvic pain, she does not know that this is unusual and that she should seek help. Usually, women just deal with their symptoms for many years before they finally resort to speaking to their doctor about them. Sadly, many times their symptoms are dismissed by the doctor, or they are misdiagnosed and do not get the help they so desperately need.

Today, we are going to look at a few conditions that can create a heavy feeling in the uterus. There is a saying that “knowledge is power,” and this rings true in many situations, especially when it comes to your health. The more women know and understand how their reproductive organs are supposed to work, the faster they will recognize if something is off and can seek help.

Why Do I Have A Heavy Feeling In My Uterus?

If you have a “heavy feeling” in your uterus but you are not pregnant, it can be concerning. This may be just part of your normal monthly cycle and close to the time when the lining of your uterus is the thickest and your period is about to start, or it could be a sign of something more concerning.

Some of the most common conditions that can cause a feeling of heaviness in the uterus include:


Researchers do not understand why this happens, but sometimes the cells that form to create the lining of the uterus break out of their normal boundary lines and begin forming in locations outside of the uterus. They can become wrapped around other organs and form in various locations within the pelvic region. These cells will build up and then attempt to “shed” just like the normal lining of the uterus does during the menstrual cycle, but there is nowhere for the debris to go. This can cause a great deal of inflammation, accompanied by pain, cramping, and a heavy feeling in the uterus.


This condition is very similar to endometriosis and results from the same type of migrating cells, but they choose to grow within the muscular wall that lies between the lining and the outside layer of the uterus. These cells can cause a buildup and enlarge the size of the uterus by two or three times, which can cause the uterus to feel heavy while also causing pain and pressure.

Uterine Fibroids (myomas)

Uterine fibroids are another mysterious condition that researchers are still trying to learn more about. These benign tumors can develop in different parts of the uterus and can cause a host of unpleasant symptoms, but their origin has yet to be determined. Depending on where they are located, myomas can create painful and life-interrupting symptoms such as heavy bleeding that persists beyond normal, pain during sex, pressure in the abdomen, and distorting shape and size. Multiple fibroids or fibroids that grow to be large can create a heavy feeling in the uterus or cause a woman to appear pregnant.


Many reproductive system cancers are accompanied by tumors that grow on the ovaries or the uterus. These tumors can press on other neighboring organs and cause cramping, pressure, or a heavy feeling in the uterus.

Uterine Fibroid Embolization in Atlanta, GA

Uterine Fibroids Can Cause A Heavy Feeling In The Uterus

Fibroids can grow in different locations in the uterus and can be very small or grow to be quite large, and they can weigh anywhere from a few ounces to over 100 pounds. A woman can have one fibroid or she can have many, creating a feeling of heaviness in the uterus

The good news is that there is a treatment that can eliminate the heaviness in the uterus if it is a result of fibroids or adenomyosis. This treatment does not involve surgery and can be done as an outpatient in an office setting in under an hour.

UFE (Uterine Fibroid Embolization)

UFE (uterine fibroid embolization) is done by an interventional radiologist who has been specially trained to perform this procedure. Fibroids need a blood supply to keep them alive, so they attach to the uterine artery and feed off of it. During the procedure, tiny particles are strategically injected into the locations leading to these blood-stealing fibroids. This cuts off their access to the main blood supply, and they start to shrink and die. As they die, the symptoms they have been causing disappear, and issues like heavy bleeding, abdominal pressure, frequent urination, and heaviness in the uterus subside. This procedure is safe and effective and can treat any type or size of fibroid, and it can even easily treat those in hard-to-reach places. It offers multiple benefits over surgery without the side effects or long recovery time of a myomectomy or a hysterectomy.

Adenomyosis and fibroid symptoms can be brutal and interfere with a woman’s career and relationships, but UFE can incapacitate these enemy fibroids and give you back control of your life. If you are suffering from heaviness in the uterus, heavy bleeding, or other aforementioned symptoms, you may be a good candidate for UFE.

Contact the Atlanta Fibroid Center today and set up a consultation to talk about your specific circumstances. We will be happy to walk you through the entire UFE procedure and answer any questions you have. The expert doctors at the Atlanta Fibroid Center have been helping women successfully defeat fibroids for over 25 years. Set up your appointment today to learn more.

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