About Atlanta Fibroid Center®

The building of the Atlanta Fibroid Center

Atlanta Fibroid Center® (formerly Atlanta Interventional Institute) is a healthcare facility that is focused on caring for women with uterine fibroids in outpatient or office settings.

If you’re a patient suffering from uterine fibroids, how do you know who to trust with your care? In Atlanta, there are a number of fibroid treatment centers. Just like the search for a new doctor, the search for a fibroid center is very similar.

Who Is the Head of Atlanta Fibroid Center®?

John Lipman, MD, FSIR is the Founder & Medical Director of the Atlanta Fibroid Center®. He has a very impressive background consisting firstly of his medical training at Georgetown, followed by his Radiology residency at Harvard, and lastly of his Fellowship in Vascular & Interventional Radiology at Yale before coming to Atlanta in 1991. The “FSIR” designation is one of the distinctions that only 8-10% of Interventional Radiologists ever receive in their lifetime and is one that patients seeking care from an Interventional Radiologist for their fibroids should look for.

What Is the Clinic’s Expertise in Performing Fibroid Procedures Like UFE?

Dr. Lipman was the first physician in Georgia to perform the uterine fibroid embolization (UFE) procedure and has one of the world’s largest UFE experience. His clinic, the Atlanta Fibroid Center® (AFC), was the first in Georgia to be recognized as a Fibroid Center of Excellence by the Boston Scientific Corporation (Marlborough, MA) and BioSphere Medical (now Merit Medical Salt Lake City, UT).

After nearly 25 years and over 10,000 UFEs, Atlanta Fibroid Center® has seen patients from around Atlanta, throughout the United States, and even from a number of countries outside of the United States. This clinic has also hosted medical students, nurses, physicians, technologists, politicians, and heads of industry.

How Is Atlanta Fibroid Center® Equipped?

If money and space were of no concern, every clinic would have dedicated Angiography equipment just like in the hospital setting. The truth is, the vast majority of outpatient clinics skimp on equipment and space to save money. Most outpatient fibroid facilities use much cheaper portable C-arm equipment rather than a dedicated Angiographic suite.

The Atlanta Fibroid Center® is the only fibroid treatment center in Atlanta that uses dedicated Angiographic equipment just like all of the hospital facilities in Atlanta.

The Atlanta Fibroid Center® was designed with the female patient in mind. It is a very safe, accessible, and aesthetically pleasing environment. Every patient has a private room. Most fibroid centers in Atlanta (and elsewhere) have a single open space assigned to “Recovery” which is separated by flimsy curtains between patients.

Nursing Staff of Atlanta Fibroid Center®

Many fibroid treatment facilities save on nursing costs by assigning one nurse to multiple different patients. At the Atlanta Fibroid Center®, every patient has their own nurse (the patient-to-nurse ratio is 1:1).

Atlanta Fibroid Center Photo Gallery

Atlanta Fibroid Center® Is a Socially Responsible Organization

The Atlanta Fibroid Center® is a leader in the Community and is laser-focused on social responsibility. We give generously to several organizations that serve the less fortunate in our Community. We provide numerous scholarships to the underprivileged, food, and necessities for the poor and the homeless, and we are a champion for Women’s rights.

Dr. Lipman was the Healthcare Physician Hero of the Year from the Atlanta Business Chronicle. He was the Trailblazer of the Year award recipient from the Atlanta Medical Association, representing the interests and concerns of African-American physicians and their patients. He was a RICE (Rising In Community Excellence) award recipient.

Finally, he has been recognized for his outstanding work and community service by every level of government in Georgia, including Cobb County, the City of Atlanta, and at the State Capitol, where he not only received this honor but addressed the entire State Legislature while in session and fielded questions in the rotunda.

Don’t Get Scammed

There is a number of fibroid treatment centers in Atlanta. There are even some that try to confuse the public by copying content, and web pages, and even changing their name to make it appear like the Atlanta Fibroid Center®. Others may imitate, but if you’re suffering from fibroids know this: there is a Center that provides exceptional customer service in a warm and caring environment designed for women, along with unparalleled physician experience from a doctor that has dedicated his career to serving women and his Community: the Staff of the Atlanta Fibroid Center® and Dr. John Lipman.