UFE: How to Get Rid of Fibroids and Conquer Stone Mountain

Uterine fibroids have become a sentence for many women. Without knowing about all treatment options available today, many agree to have a hysterectomy or other surgery, sometimes several surgeries in a row. For those facing a hysterectomy, it means not only losing an opportunity to become a mother, but when you lose your “U”, you often lose your “YOU”. It’s what makes every woman who she is. But the full price of a hysterectomy is much higher than surgical complications, psychological impact, and long recovery time. Even after months (and sometimes years) after surgery, the risks of serious complications exist. The absence of the uterus leads to a decrease in hormonal function of the ovaries (if they are still present) and the entire female endocrine system. Many women leak urine after hysterectomy; in fact, a leading user of adult diapers are post-hysterectomy women. Remember, these are typically young women as the average age of hysterectomy is less than 40 years of age. Now envision these young, vibrant, otherwise healthy women needing to wear diapers!

Too many women do not know that all of these consequences can be avoided and they can get their lives back without a surgery. We are talking about Uterine Fibroid Embolization (also known as Uterine Artery Embolization, UFE or UAE).

Atlanta Fibroid Center patients often come back after the procedure and talk about how their lives have been transformed after UFE. Many women became mothers of new babies, and many others began a new, happy life; without suffering and without revolving around their menstrual. Each story is unique, and today we are telling only one of them.

Patient: “I Am Able to Function Throughout the Day”

A patient of Dr. Lipman shares her fibroid journey and recovery story. For her, uterine fibroids were not about the typical heavy periods. She had big fibroids causing bulk symptoms (primarily pain and increased urinary frequency). She experienced constant fatigue, and the days no longer brought joy. She stopped walking Stone Mountain (something she enjoyed greatly) because she was afraid to get caught in a spot without a bathroom.

Today her hard times are over. She now feels great physically and much happier thanks to uterine fibroid embolization performed by Dr. John Lipman of Atlanta Fibroid Center. After UFE, the patient resumed walking and lost weight; another bonus!

“Now since I’ve had the procedure, I’m able to freely walk Stone Mountain, and I can walk the entire mountain up and down!”

How many women do not know that any consequences can be avoided and their life can be brought back without surgery, without pain, without loss! And the key to relieving – is Uterine Artery Embolization (or Uterine Fibroid Embolization).

There is one fact in this story that should also be shared. Her OB/GYN recommended either a hysterectomy or waiting until menopause without mentioning uterine fibroid embolization. Unfortunately, it’s a fairly common situation. Women just do not know that they have another choice, the option to recover without surgery and save the uterus.

Additionally, few women know that UFE is not only safer than hysterectomy, but also cheaper, faster, less painful, and within a few hours after the procedure the patient can return home. For those women who want to become mothers in the future, planning a pregnancy can begin as soon as 3 months after the procedure and unlike surgical myomectomy, which mandates women have C-sections, post-UFE births are typically full term and vaginal.

“I’m very glad that I had the UFE, and I would recommend Dr. Lipman if you’re thinking about this procedure or you’re having issues with fibroids!”

Women suffering with fibroids need to know that relief is close by. At Atlanta Fibroid Center, we have seen thousands of similar stories and want to hear about hundreds of thousands more. As Dr. Lipman says “We’re saving the uterus one woman at a time, and we want all women to know their treatment options, and not just the surgical ones!”

At the end of the day, we have only one life. #DontLoseUrU

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