Lower Abdominal Pain During Sex Is Not Normal

Normally, as part of a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle, adults enjoy a satisfying sex life which contributes to their sense of fulfillment and happiness. While this is the case for many, some women deal with pain in the lower abdomen during sex which inhibits her enjoyment and can cause her to avoid intimate moments taking a toll on her most intimate of relationships.

Today we are going to look into some of the conditions that may be the underlying cause of this unexplained pain that sexually active women experience during intercourse.

Pain During Sex Is A Real Issue

Experiencing pain during sex is an issue that about 20% of the adult population deals with, and it is known in the medical field as a condition called dyspareunia. Both men and women can experience pain during sex, but women are most often affected.

It can be an issue that is intermittent or continues to reoccur during sexual activity and after. Some women experience discomfort in their genital area, and others experience internal pain in the uterus, cervix, or lower abdomen. This pain can occur during sex, and sometimes it persists for several hours after sexual activity.

What Conditions Could Contribute To Feeling Lower Abdominal Pain During Sex For A Woman?

Some sexually active women find themselves dealing with lower abdominal pain during sex and are unsure of the reason why. Many times, women have underlying gynecological conditions that they may be unaware of that can make sexual intercourse painful. Some of these conditions include:

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

Some STDs will cause pain in the abdomen after intercourse. Gonorrhea and chlamydia are the diseases that most commonly cause pain during and after sex.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)

PID creates excessive inflammation of the tissue in the reproductive region and can cause uncomfortable pressure and pain during sex.

Uterine Fibroids

Uterine fibroids (myomas) develop in and on the uterus and are caused by the abnormal growth of myometrial cells. These are the same cells that make up the muscular middle layer of the uterus and for some unknown reason, they begin to grow outside of their normal boundaries. Many women have fibroids, although some are unaware because they have no obvious symptoms. They are not cancerous, but they can cause some serious and chronic symptoms, such as periods with pain and heavy bleeding. Sometimes fibroids can cause sexually active women to experience pain in the lower abdomen during sex, or the pain may last several hours.


Cysts located in the ovaries can sometimes make sex painful or cause pain in the lower abdomen.


This condition is caused by the abnormal development of endometrial cells (the cells that make up the uterine lining), which begin growing in random locations outside of the uterus. This can cause chronic pain and heavy bleeding during your period, and it can cause pain during and after sex if the cells are growing behind the vagina.


This condition is similar to endometriosis in that the same type of abnormal cells begin to grow into someone they are not supposed to be, but adenomyosis occurs when these cells begin to form inside the middle (or muscular layer) part of the uterus, thickening this layer. The condition can cause the uterus to expand and become larger, putting pressure on nearby organs. Adenomyosis can also create fertility issues and cause sex to be painful.

Uterine Fibroid Embolization in Atlanta, GA

Painful Sex Can Reduce Your Quality Of Life

Sexually active women who experience pain in the lower abdomen or other types of discomfort during sex may begin to have more than just physical issues. It can trigger psychological issues and anxiety, which can negatively affect her intimate relationships.

Experiencing chronic pain during sexual intercourse is not normal and may be a sign of an underlying gynecological issue. It is important that you seek medical attention to find out the root cause without delay and put an end to your discomfort.

How Do You Stop Lower Abdominal Pain During Sex?

Putting an end to your suffering should be the top priority and the treatment to eliminate your pain will be different depending on the root cause identified. If you are diagnosed with fibroids or adenomyosis, there is a very good chance that a non-surgical procedure called UAE (uterine artery embolization) can alleviate your pain.

These two conditions can only survive and thrive if they have a viable blood source running directly to them. When they begin to grow, they tap into one of the many blood vessels that run from the uterine artery. During the UAE procedure, an interventional radiologist who has been expertly trained in this procedure locates these blood vessels and blocks them, which causes the abnormal cells or growths to shrink and die off. Once they have been separated from their blood supply, the symptoms they cause begin to subside, and women reclaim control of their schedules and their sex lives.

At the Atlanta Fibroid Center, we have been helping women reclaim control over their intimate lives and social schedules for over 25 years. Our dedicated team of professionals understands the sensitive nature of the issues you have been dealing with as a result of these underlying conditions, and we want to help end your discomfort.

Make an appointment to speak with the most knowledgeable and experienced UAE-performing doctors at Atlanta Fibroid Center today about your circumstances. UAE may be the answer to breaking the bonds of your intimacy issue and freeing you from ongoing pain. No one should have to endure the suffering of living with lower abdominal pain during or after sex, get in touch with us today to find out if uterine artery embolization can help you.

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