Fibroid Treatment in Georgia: Expert Solutions for Relief

Almost 75% of the adult female population will encounter uterine fibroids before they are in their late 50s. Some women may not even know they have them because they will show no signs or symptoms. Unfortunately, there are others whose symptoms are so terrible that they affect their careers, social lives, and intimate relationships.

If you or a loved one is suffering from the debilitating symptoms associated with these non-cancerous tumors, you should talk to the Atlanta Fibroid Center and seek fibroid treatment in Georgia.

About Fibroid Treatment In GA At The Atlanta Fibroid Center

If you are suffering from the symptoms of uterine fibroids or adenomyosis, the Atlanta Fibroid Center is the most reputable and established fibroid treatment center in Georgia. The medical team is unsurpassed in education and experience, and the facility is equipped with the latest technology in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

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Fibroid treatment in Georgia. Explore advanced solutions including Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) for effective management of fibroids.

Our Fibroid Doctors

Dr. John Lipman

The Atlanta Fibroid Center was founded by Dr. John Lipman, who is a prestigious interventional radiologist and is among a small percentage of professionals who have earned the FSIR distinction. He began his medical training at Georgetown University, followed by a radiology residency at Harvard and a fellowship in vascular & interventional radiology at Yale.

Dr. Lipman made Atlanta his home in 1991 and subsequently opened the Atlanta Fibroid Center to help free women from the oppressive symptoms they cause. In fact, he made history in Georgia as the pioneer of the uterine fibroid embolization procedure (UFE) and holds one of the world’s most extensive track records for performing UFE. Also, the Atlanta Fibroid Center was the first center for fibroid treatment in GA to receive the distinguished designation from Merit Medical as a Fibroid Center of Excellence.

With a proven track record spanning more than 25 years and over 10,000 UFE procedures performed, the Atlanta Fibroid Center has assisted patients from across Georgia, the U.S., and many international locations.

Dr. Ermentrout

Dr. R. Mitchell Ermentrout is dual-certified in both diagnostic and interventional radiology making him an expert in the field of medical imaging and minimally invasive interventions. He attended university and medical school at the Ivy League institutions Dartmouth College and Brown University before continuing his interventional radiology training at the University of California, Irvine, and Emory University. Dr. Ermentrout first learned to perform the UFE procedure under Dr. Scott Goodwin, who was the first physician in the United States to perform the procedure. After training, he served for 5 years as an assistant professor of radiology at Emory University School of Medicine, where he was also clinical site director of IR at Emory University Hospital and program director of the interventional radiology training program, which is the largest of its kind in the U.S.

His extensive contributions to the medical field include articles published in widely recognized journals of medicine and speaking engagements that range from regional to global in scope, involving a wide range of topics related to his extensive expertise. He has performed thousands of UFE procedures and joined the Atlanta Fibroid Center in 2021, where he has helped enrich the quality of life for women with fibroids through the UFE procedure.

Uterine Fibroid Embolization in Atlanta, GA

Equipment and Facility

The Atlanta Fibroid Center is the premier center for fibroid treatment in Georgia, as it is the only non-surgical center equipped with specialized angiographic equipment, just like they have at the hospital. Our facility not only has the best medical equipment but we are also set up to cater to our female patients and ensure they are as comfortable as possible. With private rooms for each individual, we strive to create a peaceful procedure environment and a tranquil recovery experience.

Is The UFE Treatment Covered By Medical Insurance?

The Atlanta Fibroid Center accepts most medical insurance for fibroid treatment in Georgia, including Medicaid. Some but not all medical plans offer coverage for UFE as a non-invasive and low-risk treatment for uterine fibroids.

Dr. Lipman has been a liaison for women’s health since he began his career and has recently been an integral part of new legislation that was passed in Rhode Island, making UFE a mandatory covered expense on all healthcare policies. He and the Atlanta Fibroid Center continue to pursue carrying this forward to more states through the Free From Fibroids Foundation.

Contact The Atlanta Fibroid Center In Georgia To Receive The Best Fibroid Treatment

The Atlanta Fibroid Center is proud to have the combined knowledge and wealth of experience in UFE treatment that Dr. Ermentrout and Dr. Lipman bring to the table. This dynamic duo of talent and the state-of-the-art treatment available make the Atlanta Fibroid Center the safest and best place to receive fibroid treatment in Georgia.

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