Exercises With Fibroids: Why And How-to Guide

“Can I be physically active with uterine fibroids? Are there any fibroid exercises recommended for women with fibroids?”

To both of these questions we answer “Yes.” It’s important to manage your care, especially with lifestyle choices. Regular fibroid exercises can help relieve pain or even slow down tumors’ growth.

Sometimes, fibroids give you symptoms like heavy periods, pelvic pain or frequent urination. Treating fibroids with uterine fibroid embolization should stop those symptoms and eliminate fibroids.


There are several reasons why fibroid exercises are necessary:

  • It is important not to give up physical activity when suffering from uterine fibroids. It is easier for the body to fight the disease while in a healthy form.
  • With exercise, you maintain your mental health. You feel less fatigue and bad mood when you start the training mode.
  • Exercises help you keep from accumulating body fat which is a reservoir for estrogen. Estrogen stimulates the growth of fibroids. Therefore, if you are overweight, now is the high time for the changes.

Physical activity balances the body: regulates weight, hormonal levels, metabolism, reduces stress. All these factors will change the quality of your life and positively affect the manifestation of uterine fibroids.

What Exercises Can’t Be Done with Uterine Fibroids?

Since the goal of the exercises is to reduce fibroid symptoms, avoid training that can increase them. Avoid movements that put pressure on your stomach, such as squats, twisting, and hard exercise for the press.

Exercises With Fibroids

Also, avoid lifting weights (not only during exercises), because it can bring more blood to the abdominal cavity and lower body. This increases blood circulation, nutrition of fibroids, and can stimulate their growth.

However, what can you do then?

What Exercises Are Recommended To Reduce Fibroid Symptoms?

Cardio exercises are the best way to control your fibroids! These include walking, jogging, and swimming, for example. Moderate cardio workouts can help you lose weight, maintain normal daily activity, normalize sleep, and maintain heart health.

We advise you to pay attention to swimming, because there is minimal risk of injury. Moreover, swimming helps with the normalization of digestion, and soft movements stimulate the tone of the pelvis.

But What To Do At Home?

Have you decided to go in for sports to maintain your health, but do not want to leave the house?

The best option for you is yoga. Smooth stretching and moderate exercise have a positive effect on the strength of the whole body, while meditation calms the nerves and helps to relax.

You can learn basic yoga skills without leaving your house: find video lessons on the Internet. All you need is an exercise mat and loose clothing.

  • Also, do not forget about morning exercises (turns, bends, flexion-extension of the arms, legs, performed at a slow pace).
  • Try Pilates: a video instructions can also be found on the Internet, and you can order the necessary equipment in the online store.
  • Breathing exercises. They can help loose weight and reduce stress.

These exercises will help you feel better in general, as well as reduce the appearance of fibroid symptoms.

But remember that no exercise can cure symptomatic fibroids completely! To do this, you need an effective and safe treatment.

To defeat fibroids and the associated unpleasant symptoms, consider the nonsurgical treatment option, uterine fibroid embolization (UFE).

To learn more about UFE and uterine fibroids contact Atlanta Fibroid Center at 770-953-2600 or make an appointment online at ATLii.com.


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