Cynthia Bailey-Hill – Her Fibroid Journey and UFE with Dr. John Lipman

“We made magic together – I’m fibroid free”, Cynthia Bailey-Hill opens up about her fibroid journey and UFE, alongside Dr. John Lipman.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, August 4, 2022 / — Live on July 29, 2022, at an on-site Power Up Summit, (July 27-31, 2022), hosted from Biloxi, Mississippi, was created and hosted by Founder, Kearn Cherry for women across the world. While at the transformative summit, Cherry led and moderated a roundtable discussion on uterine fibroids and the Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) procedure, headlined by special guests including media personality, Ms. Cynthia Bailey-Hill, and leading fibroids and women’s health expert, Dr. John Lipman, MD.

“We made magic together, I’m fibroid free”: Ms. Cynthia Bailey-Hill opened up about her long-standing and tumultuous fibroid journey, as well as her final decision to follow through with the UFE procedure with Dr. Lipman. Cynthia shared about her mother’s own experience of suffering from fibroids prior to her own experience. She shared with the summit audience how her mother was encouraged to have a hysterectomy, and ultimately did. However, Cynthia witnessed firsthand what many women suffer through after undergoing a hysterectomy. Many of these issues are embarrassing, like sexual dysfunction and urinary leaking. Bailey-Hill also spoke to the fact that she too was given hysterectomy as the only treatment option from her Ob/Gyn, but felt that it seemed “a bit too extreme”, which then led her to pursue her own research about available fibroid treatments. This led her to one of the leading fibroid treatment Centers in the country, Atlanta Fibroid Center. Cynthia also discussed at length, just how her quality of life was disrupted by having to navigate through fibroids. Whether this was the heavy bleeding, pelvic pain, or constantly asking whether or not she was pregnant; this was both physically and mentally draining for her. Her seminal event came at a Bravo event where she wore an exquisite off-white evening gown. She rose out of her chair and knew immediately something was wrong. She expelled a large blood clot and the blood just kept on coming, through her undergarments and down her legs.
She knew then she could no longer put off treating the fibroids.

The Power Up Summit was created to “discover, learn, and connect at the most powerful event of the year!” It certainly afforded folks the opportunity to do so, as many women experienced feeling heard, seen, and comforted by the words of Cynthia Bailey-Hill. She discussed the significance of sharing her fibroid journey with the world while filming for The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) franchise. She said “there was never any wearing white… there were always messy sheets”, referring back to the years that she suffered from having fibroids until she agreed to have a UFE procedure. Following the UFE procedure, she wore white at a Wear White Women’s Health event hosted by Dr. Lipman. The UFE procedure with Dr. Lipman while filming RHOA was in Cynthia’s words, “one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.” Cynthia’s decision to use her platform as a famous celebrity and make her fibroid journey public was courageous. She knew that fibroids disproportionately affect women of color and she wanted to share her success with UFE with the world.

As found on the Atlanta Fibroid Center website, compared to hysterectomy, uterine fibroid embolization (UFE) is:

  • Safer (much lower complication rate in terms of both incidence and severity);
  • Much less painful;
  • Much shorter recovery (5-7 days versus 6-8 or more with surgery);
  • Less expensive (outpatient procedure);
  • No hospital or hospital stay needed;
  • No general anesthesia (sedation is local and intravenous);
  • No transfusions;
  • You keep your uterus and the ability to bear children remains.

For more information on UFE, call Dr. Lipman and Atlanta Fibroid Center at (770) 953-2600.

Dr. John Lipman is one of the world’s leading experts in the nonsurgical treatment of uterine fibroids. His exemplary training at Georgetown, Harvard, and Yale provided the perfect foundation for his vast experience in Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE). He has one of the world’s largest UFE experience and women from around the globe have sought his expertise.

Cynthia Bailey-Hill is a former cast member of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta, CEO of The Bailey Agency School of Fashion, and founder of Be Better Foundation. Cynthia has several other businesses which include: The Bailey Wine Cellar, The Bailey Room Event Space, and CB Vior. Cynthia is currently in partnership with Seagram’s Escapes and is the co-creator of the delicious Seagram’s Peach Bellini.

Kearn Cherry is a speaker, best-selling author, and award-winning businesswoman. Kearn has enjoyed more than two decades of excellence, as the CEO of a thriving health care business on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. She is a recognized figure in both business and communal leadership, holding membership and chair positions on diverse councils and local organizations.


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