Atlanta City Health Check: Realtor Kenya Green Shares Her Fibroid Story

In this episode of City Health Check, a well-known Atlanta real estate agent Kenya Green shares her fibroid story. She struggled with uterine fibroids’ symptoms for 4 long years suffering from tremendous pain and heavy bleeding during her menstrual cycles.

“When you have these issues of pain, you have these issues of heavy blood flow, it’s almost like you are a prisoner. You know, I felt like a prisoner; the calendar was a very big deal to me because I would plan my life around my period.”

-Kenya Green

Fibroid Symptoms and Important Statistics

This episode of City Health Check explains the most common fibroid symptoms and staggering statistics.

Atlanta City Health Check: Realtor Kenya Green

The episode includes important information about fibroid growth and common factors that contribute to the development of these noncancerous tumors. The journalists interview Dr. John C. Lipman of Atlanta Fibroid Center to understand the benefits of UFE (uterine fibroid embolization), a nonsurgical method of fibroid treatment.

If you have been diagnosed with uterine fibroids or experience some of the common fibroid symptoms, schedule an appointment with Dr. John Lipman. Call Atlanta Fibroid Center at 770-953-2600 or make an appointment online.

Credits: Kenya Green of Keller Williams Realty Atlanta, Atlanta, GA Channel 26.

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