Adenomyosis and Infertility: Gabrielle Union’s Story

Just like uterine fibroids, endometriosis, or any other condition, adenomyosis affects women from all walks of life, and celebrities are no exception. According to an Oxford University study, as many as 20.9% of women have adenomyosis, and the prevalence increases with age reaching a peak of 32% in women aged 40 –49.

What Is Adenomyosis? Common Symptoms and Treatment Options

In August 2018, a well-known actress and model Gabrielle Union publicly spoke out about her adenomyosis diagnosis which may be the cause of her infertility struggles and multiple miscarriages over the years.

Video: Gabrielle Union Speaks Out About Adenomyosis Diagnosis

As mentioned above, Gabrielle is not alone in her journey. Many women battling infertility (at all ages) frequently do not have any symptoms pointing to adenomyosis and do not know that they may have this condition. Most importantly, once diagnosed, they don’t always get much-needed answers about available treatment options.

Far too often the only treatment approach patients hear about after the diagnosis is surgical (a hysterectomy), which eliminates any chances of having a child. It’s important to know that while adenomyosis increases the chances of infertility, it is possible to conceive. Uterine artery embolization, a nonsurgical and completely outpatient procedure performed by an experienced Interventional Radiologist, can treat adenomyosis and help you avoid a hysterectomy.

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