4 Articles About Dr. Lipman’s Work with Fibroids and UFE

While Dr. Lipman is well known throughout Atlanta and Georgia for his work with fibroids and uterine fibroid embolization (UFE), he is also widely respected nationally and internationally.  His growing list of international and long-distance patients is an indicator of his stature in the global medical community.

One of the largest and most respected online resources for women concerned with fibroids and have questions about UFE is Ask for UFE . Editors of this well-known website have featured Dr. Lipman’s work with fibroids and UFE regularly (more than any other doctor).  The following four articles, featuring three of his past patients, highlight Dr. Lipman’s expertise in treating fibroids with UFE:

News of Dr. Lipman’s work with uterine fibroids is spreading, and we will update you with additional stories as they become available.

To meet with Dr. Lipman, please call his practice at (770) 953-2600 or send a message on his contact page.

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