Painful intercourse is a common symptom of fibroids affecting a couple's relationship

Dear Fibroids: I’m Tired of Putting Sex on Hold

Fibroids can be very damaging to a couple’s relationship. They often impact the woman’s relationship with their partner on so many levels not limiting by painful intercourse only.  It typically begins with heavy bleeding. The menstrual period gets progressively heavier and longer. Large amounts of blood can gush or flood out of the woman. These episodes are at the very least embarrassing and at the most frightening with thoughts of literally bleeding to death.

With this occurring month after month, it begins to take a toll mentally on her. Trying to prevent accidents in blood, making sure they have appropriate gear on, and whether or not they can work or engage in social activities all take their toll on the woman.

There are also physical effects of this amount of heavy bleeding and the resulting anemia that is often present. Anemia results from a deficit in iron and hemoglobin. This is created by losing much more blood that can be replaced by eating healthy and iron supplementation. Hemoglobin is responsible for carrying oxygen in the red blood cells, and the result of losing iron and hemoglobin is chronic and worsening fatigue.

Any exercise, including sexual intercourse, becomes more difficult and painful. Also, the blood clots elicit a significant amount of pain as they pass through the cervix in the vagina. Bleeding heavily and being in pain for days on end is not the recipe for potential relations with your significant other. In addition, when a woman is bleeding heavily and wearing a lot of extra gear to prevent accidents in blood, she does not feel very sexual and therefore her libido decreases or becomes nonexistent.

The result of all of this is decreased or complete absence of sexual activity. The impact of this will obviously be felt in a woman’s relationship. The degree of the impact is determined largely on the communication between the two people. With little or no communication, the woman’s partner often feels disconnected but often does not understand why it is happening. This person may feel resentment, believing the woman is no longer in love with them. The woman may feel depressed from her inability to live up to her “duty” to engage sexually with her partner. Without communication, this can continue to fester and serve to significantly damage or end the relationship.

While periods and fibroids are not topics that men commonly discuss, it is very important for men to understand exactly women who suffer from fibroids go through. In those relationships that involve men, communication with the appropriate understanding and empathy can serve to strengthen a relationship. Together they can combat the fibroids and restore their lives and their sexual relationship.

If you and your significant other are tired of putting sex on hold from your fibroids, make your appointment to see one of the nation’s leading fibroid experts, Dr. John Lipman at the Atlanta Fibroid Center. To make an office or teleconsultation, please call 770-953-2600 today.

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