Dr. John Lipman at Glambitious Conference 2019: Сure Fibroids Without Surgery

At the 2019 Glambitious Conference Dr. John Lipman spoke about uterine fibroids; a medical condition that he sees in his office every day. 80% of African-American women have fibroids, and a lot of them don’t know that there is a nonsurgical, safe, and very effective solution.

Too many women agree to have a hysterectomy because they want to get rid of the terrible symptoms. Because the suffering is so bad, they are in a rush to get better quickly, and they often fail to realize that there are significant consequences for losing one’s uterus. Some women are interested in having children and this is obviously not going to occur after hysterectomy. For those women that are not interested in childbearing, they are often told by their doctor that their uterus is no longer important and this is absolutely false. Many women struggle after hysterectomy including psychologically, sexually, and leaking urine to name a few of the many effects.

Every woman diagnosed with uterine fibroids should know that she has options. There is a treatment method without surgery called UFE (Uterine Fibroid Embolization), a procedure that has minimal risks compared to any fibroid surgery. It allows women to forget about fibroids forever and most importantly, save their uterus.

To request more information about UFE or make an appointment with Dr. John Lipman of Atlanta Fibroid Center call 770-214-4600 or make an appointment online.

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