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The Fibroid Foundation: Empowered Sisterhood for Women with Fibroids

The Fibroid Foundation: Empowered Sisterhood for Women with Fibroids

Sateria Venable was diagnosed with uterine fibroids when she was just 26. Her doctor insisted she undergoes a hysterectomy. She wanted to preserve her fertility and was not happy about the offered treatment. She explored other treatment options and chose to try medical management to temporarily alleviate her fibroid symptoms. Sateria went through a series of four myomectomies but each time the tumors tended to regrow within a year.

Sateria started her own in-depth investigation to find a way to battle fibroids. and was shocked to learn how common the condition was and how little was known about it. In 2013 Sateria Venable founded the Fibroid Foundation with the mission to raise public awareness on uterine fibroids, support women with myomas, and stimulate research in the field.

Today, The Fibroid Foundation is the world’s largest community dedicated to uterine fibroids. It’s a patient-founded, non-profit organization serving women with fibroids by providing answers and support while they navigate their treatment options.

“We are changing the fibroid story globally. Our new story is one where we embrace the beauty of womanhood with empowerment, sisterhood, advocacy and awareness.”

They regularly launch campaigns such as #EraseTheStigma, #FaceOfFibroids, #CureForFibroids, and the most recent; #AskHer. The #AskHer campaign aims “to encourage dialogue and open conversation about fibroids, menstrual health, and women’s health in general”.

In February 2021, the foundation organized a virtual summit as a communication platform bringing fibroid patients, researchers, and medical professionals together. The webinar is still available to view on the Fibroid Foundation official webpage and shares current practices and studies on the topic. Sateria’s focus is to educate women about uterine fibroids as well as advocate for ongoing research funding.

Sateria pays a lot of attention to educating women about uterine fibroids:

“When it comes to Fibroid education, we take a multi-pronged approach. We’re cultivating a positive relationship where knowledgeable women have proactive discussions with trusted providers on a daily basis by forming a collaborative alliance with fellow patients and healthcare providers. Our unique experiences, layered with a unique combination of digital and in-person outreach, drive exponential progress as a patient-founded organization.”

Dr. John C. Lipman from Atlanta Fibroid Center shares the mission of the Fibroid Foundation and provides a non-surgical fibroid treatment dedicating his career to educating women with fibroids and informing them that a hysterectomy can often be avoided.

For more information on uterine fibroids or a minimally invasive fibroid treatment – UFE procedure – please visit ATLii.com or make an appointment with Dr. Lipman or give his office a call today (770) 953-2600.